October House Quiz

IMG_3176 IMG_3173

                          Kildean                                                              Ochil

IMG_3174    IMG_3175

                                Wallace                                                           Forth

The children all enjoyed the House Quiz this morning.

The House Captains along with members of staff showed off their general knowledge by answering a wide range of questions on the subjects ‘The Year is 2014’, Famous People, Staff at Raploch Primary and Lucky dip.

A special ‘Trick or Treat’ Hallowe’en round entertained the audience.  Treats included eating juicy apples whilst wearing vampire fangs and unwrapping chocolate eyeballs whilst wearing ‘witchy’ fingers.

Tricks included ‘Ghost-busting’ by finding ghosts hidden around the assembly hall and Forth had the tasks of performing the ‘Time Warp’.

The results were as follows 3rd place –

Kildean – 1050 pts, Wallace 1150 pts, Ochil 1250 pts and Forth 1250

Well done to everybody for taking part and being such good sports.