School Houses

ForthIMG_0013-001  IMG_0016 Kildean

All pupils are allocated to a House team, and work towards winning points for their team for demonstrating a good work ethic, good behaviour and a positive attitude to all aspects of school life.
The Houses are Wallace, Forth, Ochil and Kildean. They are each led by House Captains who encourage their team to work hard and earn points for their House. House Captains play a major roleduring weekly assemblies, and organise House events and competitions throughout the year.
Certificates are awarded at a weekly Assembly to the child in each class who has achieved the mostHouse points, and a Top Team is declared, based on total points for the week. The Top Team of the month is awarded the House Cup at the Celebration of Success Assembly. All pupils in the winninghouse also have a special treat. The monthly treat is decided in advance by the House Captains in discussion with the Lead Teacher, responsible for Houses.

Pupils are proud of their own house and are motivated to earn points for being, successful learners, effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens.