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At Raploch Primary the new primary 1 pupils would find it hard if no one helped them. So P7 help them get settled into school life. Here is some information about our buddy system.

While in P6 you apply for being a buddy near the end of the year by writing and sending a letter to Mrs Goodwin saying why you would make a good buddy. It’s good to mention that you are responsible and good with other pupils in your letter. About a week later you go to the nursery to meet your new buddy.

For about a month, once a week, you go and see your buddy in the nursery. During this time, you play with your buddy and get to know them better. You also give them a tour of the Primary School and play with them in the Astroturf so they get used to the school and playground areas.

After the lovely summer holiday you come back and you’re a buddy. And for the first 1-2 weeks you go for an early lunch and break so you can be with your buddy. You play with your buddy in the playground and help them when they need you, such as in the lunch hall. You also teach them the rules of the school.

Being a buddy is REALLY GOOD FUN! 

By a fellow buddy, Annie.