Health & Wellbeing

We have been learning about Mindfulness and, along with our Education Psychologist, we created two short animations to help us.  Watch them and then give them a try to see if they can help you.

“How to avoid becoming a Lizard” (link below) an idea to help with self-regulation and help with readiness to learn.

We may not all have control over what has happened to us but we can develop skills to help ourselves choose how to react to triggers.  It needs practice, but keep at it.  We have supported each other to use this as a strategy (children listen to children). It helps us to realise that it is within our own control and power to have some control over our own thoughts / feelings and bodies. “I can….”


‘Belly Breathing’ (link below) – a strategy to help us develop our self esteem and resilience.
This can be used for managing stress and what we could do when we encounter negative thoughts.