Eco Work

The Eco Schools programme is high on the agenda at Raploch Primary, providing pupils with exciting, relevant and engaging contexts for learning. Our Eco Group leads us in a variety of innovative eco activities throughout the session, ensuring pupils have a sound knowledge and understanding of environmental and sustainable issues and how to support them.

The focus is on whole school involvement which is achieved through curriculum links, class responsibilities and events. We were assessed in February 2012 and were awarded our 3rd Green Flag in recognition of our ongoing eco work and our commitment to environmental issues.

At the beginning of each session, pupils across the school are invited to sit on the Eco Group.  Interested pupils seeking election, give a talk to their peers about why they would be an effective member of this group. They also have to share their ideas and views on environmental and  sustainable issues. Successful candidates are duly elected.

Green Team

Cheyann in P7 has given us examples of what being in the Eco Group involves:

I am a member of the Eco Group.

We planted mini trees and we also got together and we planted our own bulbs then entered them into a competition.

We worked on the raised beds and pulled out all of the weeds. That was great fun!

I think the whole point of an Eco Group is to have a good and healthy school – one which is concerned with looking after the environment.