Eco Committee 2012/13

Have a look at the hardworking members of our Eco Team…..

Eco Commitee

This year the Eco committee are focussing on 3 main areas – Sustaining our world, Water and Litter.
For sustaining our world we have been focussing on our new orchard and how to look after it.  We were awarded trees from a charity called Grounds for Learning.  We had a great day planting them and they seem to be doing well.  We have planted 6 apple trees and 2 plum trees.
We are also in the process of creating a school energy saving plan and continue to recycle paper, plastic bottles, cardboard and fruit peelings.
We are continuing to address the problem of litter around the school grounds.  We recently received a certificate for participating in last year’s Litter Initiative Trophy and are entering again this year. We have bought 5 new litter pickers and a litter picking team is all set to go.
We enjoyed making and serving healthy snacks at the Tutti Fruity cafe during Health Week serving up a delicious selection of fresh fruits, fruit jellies and fruity yoghurt snacks.  Have a look at the Health Week pages for some pictures of us at work.

       It may take a while but we’re hoping that our trees will look just like these ones in a few years!