Monday 29th April 2013

As part of our ‘Historical Stirling’ context for learning, our class visited Gowan Hill and Stirling Bridge, accompanied by Historian Murray Cook.

 We learned lots about the history of Gowan Hill including the presence of a hill fort.  No-one knows when the hill fort stood on the hill but we are hoping to find some artefacts when we take part in the archaeological dig.  We might even be able to date the fort from our discoveries.  How exciting!

 Here are some of the facts we learned….

Did you know there are seals and porpoises living in the River Forth?

Did you know that…… Raploch was once the seabed?

Did you know…..the people who built the present Stirling Bridge were beheaded on the beheading stone which can be seen on top of Gowan Hill?

Did you know that….when the present Stirling Bridge was first built, it was the largest bridge in Scotland?

Take a look at the view from the top of Gowan Hill…

IMG_2631   IMG_0944

IMG_0945  IMG_0946

IMG_0947   IMG_0948

IMG_2628   IMG_2629